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Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Boat?

button_certifiedAt North Texas Marine, we are dedicated to stocking more pre-owned boats than ever, giving you a wider selection of styles and brands. In addition to the growing selection, we've created the Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan to give you complete peace-of-mind when you purchase an NTM Certified Pre-Owned Boat. The Protection Plan is our written guarantee that we stand behind our Certified Pre-Owned boats.

North Texas Marine carefully inspects each pre-owned boat before designating it as NTM Certified Pre-Owned. Each Certified Pre-Owned boat undergoes a thorough inspection by a North Texas Marine technician before acquisition and again before delivery to its new owner. We also clean and detail the boat before delivery so your boat is ready for the water. After delivery, the Protection Plan ensures your satisfaction as the boat's new owner. Please read our FAQs for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a North Texas Marine Certified Pre-owned boat?
A North Texas Marine Certified Pre-owned boat is a vessel that is examined by one of our technicians and passes a complete inspection. Every effort is made to ensure you receive a quality pre-owned boat.

2. Do you warranty any of your used boats?
Yes! All of our Certified Pre-owned boats come with the NTM Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan. The Protection Plan is a limited warranty period based upon age and overall condition of the boat. Please see a copy of our NTM Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan for details.

3. Would I have the opportunity to drive the boat before I buy it?
Absolutely, the last thing North Texas Marine wants to do is to sell you a boat that might not be the right boat for you. Anyone purchasing a Certified Pre-owned boat will have the opportunity to drive the boat before signing any final sale paperwork. The test drive includes an on-water demonstration of the boat and safety equipment by a member of our staff.

4. What is the difference between buying a pre-owned boat from North Texas Marine and buying from an individual?
The biggest difference is the fact that we do this for a living and that provides many consumer conveniences. In addition to keeping regular business hours, we can handle your finances, titling, taxes, registration, etc., which saves you time. We also warranty and professionally detail your Certified Pre-owned boat, something others often will not.

5. How do you price your boats and what can I expect to pay for a Certified Pre-owned boat?
The internet has changed the way most people shop for goods and services. Boat shoppers are able to quickly and conveniently browse through many different boat listings online. Because our boat pricing is published on multiple websites, it is very important for us to price competitively. Therefore our prices will be a good representation of what you will pay for the boat.